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           The Experience you cant get anywhere else!!!
Great for BBQ's, Parties, Game nights, Gender reveals, Reunions,                                       Weddings you name it!!!


The "Spray-Lay" is at it's core, a spray paint relay race in which our guests run back and forth spraying canvases at different distances. Each participant has 3 seconds to spray what they can before returning to their team. The team that covers their canvases most when time runs out wins!

"Suicide Sponge"

"Suicide Sponge" is an obstacle heavy art game that challenges our guest's physical fitness, and other skills as they run to their targets dipping large sponges in paint and stamping the canvases as they go. The team  who completely covers their canvas targets 1st wins!

Hands N' Feet Hopscotch

Hands N'feet Hopscotch has our participants move from level to level attempting to match the footprints and hand prints at a steady pace.  

"Shoot Ya Slingshot"

Everyone likes a Giant slingshot right? :) This 9ft slingshot game has the teams shoot powder bombs at canvas targets for points while creating an abstract! Why not "Shoot Ya Slingshot"?


F.I.X-Tac-Toe is a vertical 3D tic tac toe board that is filled with balloons and art! The object of the game is to use darts to pop the balloons in the boxes in order to claim your square! We use LEDs to mark your spot on the board.

"Tug N' Pour"

"Tug N' Pour" is our version of an age old game where the teams tug ropes back and fourth while containers of paint, confetti and glitter hang from the middle and leak on to canvases below. we throw a twist in the game that changes the leverage randomly! This motion creates an abstract.

"Squad UNO"

"Squad UNO" is our unique version of the classic where you have more ways to win than just one. You can eliminate entire squads with penalty cards as well as the traditional way. For example, if you play a draw 2 against another team, they have to choose between drawing 2 cards, or drop two squad members! There are many surprises and surprise cards in our deck you've never seen!! :)

Hands N' Feet Retro

Hands N'Feet Retro is an alternative squad version of Hands N' Feet Hopscotch where the teams use cups of different paints, glitters, and confetti to design their art in the middle of the game! The Squads battle through 3 single elimination rounds!

 Our games are designed for             ALL age groups!!!

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